About Us

JAM in Style is a collaboration of three women who, though having similar roots, are very different from each other. We are JJ, Angel, and Myla and we started this blog in the summer of 2015 to catalog our interest in all things related to beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle.

Who We Are in Focus

JJ is a former cover band singer who left the stage to pursue family life and although she gave up the stage, she never put away her love for music and singing. Whenever there’s a call for it, she works with independent songwriters and music producers to create demos and she has never been the one to shy away from the microphone whenever there’s karaoke. Before leaving her home country to sing with her band in UAE, she worked as a local fashion brand sales manager in a department store. JJ also loves makeup and is thankful to be given the chance to pursue this passion and make it to a budding career. Right now, she is working as an independent makeup artist doing makeup services for special events and for video and photo shoots. Character wise, JJ is very friendly and she has the sense of humor of 10 people combined. Whenever the group gathers together, her quick wit provides the comedy. There’s never a dull moment with JJ and maybe that is the main reason why she often becomes the darling of the crowd.

  • Other interests: nail art, shopping, zumba, volleyball
  • Style Icon: Dani Mijic (@lela.mi)
  • Favorite Brands: MAC, Bobbi Brown, Nyx, Artdeco, Chanel, Michael Kors, H&M, Esprit, Mango
  • I am happy that these beauty/fashion products exist: makeup, makeup, makeup and oh… nail polish
  • Personal Website: JJ Makeup Artist


Angel is a Special Education teacher who taught children in China and Malaysia. During her time in these countries, her career took much of her weekdays and shopping and partying with girlfriends took much of her weekends. A former work-hard-party-hard kind of girl, she now lives a quiet and happy family life. Angel is a reflective person and she’s very much into yoga. If she is not in her kitchen whipping up some healthy recipe, you can find her in a yoga studio or somewhere nice and quiet basking in her inner peace. Sometimes you can also find her scouring the bio market for fresh produce.  She promotes healthy living and believes that dressing up nicely and showering yourself with everything pretty are manifestation of loving and appreciating yourself. One of Angel’s mantras is “Love your body and it will love you back.”

  • Other interests: cooking, reading, interior design
  • Style Icons: Linda Rodin and Audrey Hepburn
  • Favorite Brands: Zara, Mango, Promod, French Connection, LV, Esprit, CK, Coach, DKNY, Agnès B.
  • I am happy that these beauty/fashion products exist: dresses, yoga pants
  • Personal Website: coming soon


Myla had kept diaries and scrapbooks as a girl so when she discovered blogging in 2003, she never looked back. By profession, Myla is a teacher but she spent her first few working years as an office girl in the garment industry. When she got tired of her routine-driven desk job, she applied for a teaching job and went to her adventure in China. That adventure lasted for about two years before she decided to go for yet another adventure called marriage and this proved to be her grandest adventure ever.  Whenever she finds time in between being a mom of two boys, being a wife, and doing her part time web developing job, she likes to read and cultivate her newfound passion in fashion illustration.

  • Other interests: reading, travel, yoga and art
  • Style Icons: Olivia Palermo and Audrey Hepburn
  • Favorite Brands: Mango, Zara, Orsay, Furla, L’orreal, Swatch
  • I am happy that these beauty/fashion products exist: ballerina, wedges, tote bags
  • Personal Website: Myla Draws

How We Came Together

Myla and Angel met in China where both worked as teachers and from then on, they remained friends and kept in touch even if their lives brought them very far away from each other. Angel moved to Malaysia and Myla moved to Austria where she met and befriended Jj. When Angel relocated to Austria, Myla introduced her to Jj and the rest is history. To know more about our beginnings, read it here.

Our Blogging Equipments

We use an old but reliable Nikon D80 single-lens reflex camera with two lenses that we use interchangeably,  AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II and  AF Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8D. We do not edit our photos unless we have to crop, brighten, or straighten them up. We might use filters for photos we upload in our social media sites (specially in our instgram) but for our blog, we use photos without filters.