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How I wish that what the photo above imply was true! That’s me sitting mindlessly while enjoying some sun, yes?

In reality though, we were just coming home from our morning errands. I wanted to go in the house and ransack the kitchen for a bite because I skipped breakfast but my toddler had other things in mind. He ran off to follow an ant trail. I usually tail him but I needed to catch my breath so I just stayed where I can see him. It would be nice to just sit there and think about something entertaining but some unstoppable thoughts ran through my head instead… like the laundry, how messy our house is, what to cook for dinner later, and how much time I have before we have to go pick up my other kid from school.

I had to distract myself first and divert my thoughts to other things. That’s how I thought about this blog and when we last updated it. It’s almost a month since therefore, it’s high time for a new post.  🙂

So I looked over at my toddler and assessed his busy-ness. The ants are doing a great job at keeping him occupied so I quickly put out the camera and made photos of myself. My camera and tripod are never stowed away properly (much to my husband’s frustration) thus it is always easy to take out and set up.

Today’s outfit was not very well thought of. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that I am bare-faced. Because I didn’t have the time, I didn’t put on any make-up even though my face needs it. Oh well! The sunnies should do the work of covering my sleep-deprived look. And for the other things, I have my smile to make up for them. 🙂 Haha!

And because it is (almost) summer, I can get away with a pair shorts and ANY top. Seriously, this combo is my summer outfit staple. It might be too simple and predictable but that’s me.

When I was done taking photos, I though that maybe it’s too simple for a fashion blog!? Why bother blog about fashion when I can’t share something new, unique, or amazing right? Well, I quickly killed that thought.

Fashion has many kinds and my kind is the one that serves me and my busy mommy lifestyle.




Having previously worked in a garment manufacturing sector, I am aware that the other end of the fashion industry is so different from the beauty and glamour that we envision when we hear the word "fashion." I hope that through this blog, I can also help bring awareness to the conditions of people working at the bottom of the garment manufacturing business. I hope that I can inspire fashion enthusiasts to help balance both ends of this industry.

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