here we go again

Truth be told, we haven’t been meeting for this blog in the last two and a half years but we kept this blog online in the hope that we can go back to it one day. We got busy with life to the point that we could not make regular posts. We still meet for coffee or lunch once in a while and although the blog and the social media gradually faltered, the friendship is as strong as ever.

A week ago, we met once again for lunch. We were not really expecting anything except a good meal and a great chat among friends. After that, we were supposed to go to our separate appointments. Before we rushed off though, we quickly took pictures of each other using what we have on hand– our phone cameras.

Then just like that, dormant passions ignited. In my case, I realised how much I miss blogging and taking photos. I miss the times when the three of us gather simply for the sake of friendship but then still manage to do something for this blog.

We don’t know if we can keep up with regular postings because we are still as busy as ever with offline things but we are willing to try again.


Having previously worked in a garment manufacturing sector, I am aware that the other end of the fashion industry is so different from the beauty and glamour that we envision when we hear the word "fashion." I hope that through this blog, I can also help bring awareness to the conditions of people working at the bottom of the garment manufacturing business. I hope that I can inspire fashion enthusiasts to help balance both ends of this industry.

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