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These photos were taken in the first week of October but unfortunately; I didn’t have the inclination to post them right away. I actually do not have that much drive to post anything given that there are current events in the world that need much more attention. I am not only talking about the recent horrible events in Paris but also the growing wars in the Middle East and the influx of refugees to Europe.

I am sure that many will agree with me if I say that talking about fashion now seems so inconsequential. More than that, it seems so callous.

How can we girls talk about fashion at this time? How can we talk about make-up, nail polish, or about that chic restaurant where we just had a delicious lunch? How can we direct the attention of our readers to such things when there are thousands of people whose plight must be given more attention?

We simply can’t!

This blog is just a very small part of us. Fashion, beauty, health, and personal development interest us and this blog will always be about those things but behind this blog are three real women who have other concerns as well so we decided that we would not continue with this blog as if the world is not falling apart.  We will address current issues every now and then and we are dedicating a part of our blog to help spread awareness about more important things.

On the right sidebar of our blog, you will see links to legit organisations where you can help the victims of war. You can donate, volunteer, or simply spread awareness about the wars that are happening right now. Please note that we do not benefit from any donations you make.  We are simply directing you to organisations who will facilitate any help you give to the victims of wars. We know that this act is not a lot but if it is a way to help, no matter how little help it brings, then it is worth doing it.

Having said that, this is still a fashion and lifestyle blog and it will stay that way. Our coming posts in this blog and in all of our social media accounts will still be mainly about the topics we started.




Get the look:

Dark Blue/White Knitted Poncho
Dark Blue Skinny Jeans
Red Knitted Sweater
Black Boots
Black Faux Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag
Fashion Silver-Colored Necklace, White Ribbon Earrings, Black Leather Watch

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Having previously worked in a garment manufacturing sector, I am aware that the other end of the fashion industry is so different from the beauty and glamour that we envision when we hear the word "fashion." I hope that through this blog, I can also help bring awareness to the conditions of people working at the bottom of the garment manufacturing business. I hope that I can inspire fashion enthusiasts to help balance both ends of this industry.

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