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When I first came to Austria, I have anticipated for Autumn. You see, growing up in the Philippines, we only have Summer (or rainy) all year-round. So when I first came here, I looked forward to experience the Autumn season because I only see it in photos or movies. I didn’t have any idea what to wear. Then Autumn came. My first autumn experience. I would look outside the window and look at how people dress-up. Now, I dress comfortably and fashionably even though I have to wear more and thicker clothes.


For me, Autumn means the beginning of a cold season. Actually I don’t like the cold. I am used to the warm weather we have in the Philippines. But sometimes spending time with great people on cold season are the best times. It is actually a good combination.


This is me, feeling comfortable with my outfit of the day. I am just wearing a white T-shirt underneath my jacket and I paired it with jeans and sneakers. I also added my olive green scarf because I love olive green colour. Being comfortable and cool are really my style. I also believe that we should’t be afraid to try some other clothes and styles, that’s why I try other trends and I wear them confidently.


I really enjoy my friends’ company. When we do our photoshoot, we actually do more talking and laughing than actually taking photos and we always end -up having the best time together.


My interests in makeup and nail art started long before I decided to make a career out of these interests. I love highlighting the best in people's faces and helping them look their best through makeup. I am happy that I am able to continuously nurture these passions and that I am able to share it with you through this blog.

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