sayin’ hello autumn!

First of all I would like to deeply thank our friends and family who have  congratulated us for the inspiration that we share on our blog. We are so glad to know that we are able to reach and touch your hearts and souls significantly even in a smallest and simplest way that we do. Deep deep thanks!


Hello Autumn! My excitement is beyond words that you are here now. Autumn for me means being cozy, more hot teas and hot chocolates, comfy socks, ponchos, boots, layers, capes, shrugs and scarves and just being around with the ones we love by the fireplace. It is also about the crisp cool air on my face, the changing hues and of course the falling leaves! If only I could hug this season, I will hug it so tight and wish for it to linger a little longer.


Here, I am wearing a denim dress layered with a snug knitted cardigan. I paired it with black stockings and ankle boots.


This cardigan matches with anything underneath which is why I am so happy to have this in my closet. I could also wear this with or without belt. I don’t normally shop a lot. It also takes me a long time to really decide what to buy in terms of clothes. I go and look around first and then come back some other day. When I go shopping, I take into account (first of all) the price tag, the maintenance (how to keep it good as new), then the style. Its got to be something that I can wear over and over for a long time and will still be trendy.


Our location this time is in the city. Previously, we do our photoshoots in the afternoon. But due to our busy schedules we decided to change it to mornings. You may read about the short and fun behind-the-scene about this ootd posted by Myla here. The city of Graz looks lovely in the morning. Myla and I shared that cold drizzling morning in a café. I love to be in the city as early as eight o’clock onwards. It gives me a wonderful feeling  appreciating the amiable city vibes.


Cardigan: Per Una

Ankle boots: BySelvage

Denim dress: Tommy Hilfiger

Canvass Tote Bag: Michael Kors

Stockings: Uniqlo


I find blogging as a great way to share my passion and connect with amazing individuals. Over the years, life has taken me to great adventures and turning points that made me love and embrace life dearly! I am fond of fashion trends, fitness, clean and healthy living, reading, writing, cooking, and crafting. I cherish relationships and meaningful connections and I am always excited to learn new things!

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