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Before we say “good-bye Summer, see you next year! Hello Autumn!,” I am catching up with the last days of summer with today’s ootd. That being said, here, I am sporting my high-waisted peach soft jeans, a sleek and square- cut crop top, sabrina heels and a satchel handbag. This look feels fresh and quite edgy.


I chose to pair a dangling silver earings to complete this look.


It is always nice to include such colours as these in our wardrobe because they are timeless and can never go out of trend. White with a splash of gray or black can almost go with any colours. Peach is just a soft and appealing colour that draws in charm and confidence. Another wow factor is that, wearing high-waisted jeans like this elongates the legs and tones the waist part giving a slimmer and taller look.

In ordinary days, I wear this look minus the heels, because I can also go with any pair of flats I have. This way it is more comfortable to run around for errands or walk on rough pavements.


For my bag, I got it because first of all, I fell in love with the colour and the design is a simple canvass yet elegant. It’s very convenient to carry around- as a cross-body, arm or just holding the handles like in the photos. It is also super chic! The inside look is very convenient for a busy woman. It has two compartments on both sides which are intended if I have something  important to keep in my bag and the middle is open that I can just put and take things quickly. Overall, it is indeed the functionality of this bag that I am so happy about.


For my make – up, our make-up artist, JJ  just kept it to a raw and clean look with a little highlight for my eye-shaddow that is a peach/coral shade and glossy nude lipgloss for my lips.

Now it is time to say “Thank you Summer! You have given us plenty of opportunities to play with our summer fashion craze! Kudos!

Top: New Look UK

Soft Jeans: Marks and Spencer

Shoes: Zara

Satchel Bag: Agnes B.

Earings: AnnAnn Hand-made Silver works


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