when going out with girl friends

Did you know that women spend more time getting ready when going out with girl friends compared to when  they are going out with their beaus?

I find this true in my case and it has also been pointed out to me by my husband several times. In my defence, I don’t really find it necessary to dress up for a trip to the grocery store, hardware store, or anywhere we usually go to buy stuff. We often go out to eat but rarely for formal dinners. Family dates are often but they’re usually to places where jeans-shirt-flats is the best ensemble. For family lunch dates, I also dress as casual as I could specially because I know I will be chasing my son who cannot stay more than two minutes at the table.


Most of the times when my friends and I meet, we bring our children with us. In these times, I also just wear something casual and comfortable but during ladies night out, I bring out my high heels and I pay more attention to my make up.

This is not because I want to wow my friends. I honestly don’t feel the need to wow them because I know that they’ve seen me many times in my not-so-fashionable moments and I am comfortable with that fact. I dress up when we go out for a ladies night out or anytime when we are not with our partners and children because it is the only time when I can be girly or more feminine. It is the only time when I can pay attention to my poise. The time I don’t have to worry about having to suddenly chase a rowdy toddler or carry a humungous mommy-bag filled with snacks, toy cars, coloring books, and whatnots.

Of course, there’s a huge difference when I am going out with my husband for a real date compared to when we are going out with out son.


In this outfit, I am in my usual neutral shades. I like buying clothes with neutral colors because I can pair them with just about anything. I used turquoise-colored accessories just to add a pop of color.

My nails and makeup are done by JJ for this photoshoot.


This is the sort of outfit I wear when going out with my girl friends. What about you? How do you dress up when going out with your girl friends versus when you are going out with your partners?


Dress: Love Tree Jersey
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Mango
Bracelet: gift from husband
Earings: H&M

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