keep calm and just breathe

I began practicing yoga in 2013. From that time until today and the years to come, it will always be a part of my lifestyle. It is truly a life –changing journey for me.


Now, where ever I go and what ever I do, I stop and take a moment to do some basic flow to keep me all energized, with of course the guide of breathing. There are times when I just sit on my mat that is always laid out on the floor, and do some basic hip opening poses and then I will close my eyes and just surrender my self to the slow pull of gravity beneath me. This already gives me a good dose of joy and satisfaction.

I am ever and forever grateful for my teachers I have in the course of my yoga journey. They humble me even more. And over the years I have instilled in my heart that it doesn’t matter how far and how fast we can go in our practice, the most important thing is the commitment we put into it. My teachers are ever generous to share their wisdom, knowledge and techniques, the rest is up to me. With this lifetime commitment to my yoga practice, it brings me so much fulfillment. It gives me so much patience and understanding, it gives me tons of unconditional love and infinite joy and so much peace of heart and mind. I think my practice has moved its way inwardly that it also changed me as a person. I can no longer tolerate the attachment to toxic people, attachment to grudges and insecurities, attachment to negative thoughts and things that do not serve me well. What I feel is that I am more attracted to individuals and things that bring inspiration and and love in my life. I am more mindful of the things that I say or do so as not to cause misunderstanding, rather, create a more meaningful and stronger bond with the people I love.


The photos today were taken at the lake. It was a beautiful lake in the outskirts of Graz. I deeply thank my two friends and co- founders, Myla and JJ,  for their biggest support and encouragement in what I do. Most times, my friends are my biggest inspiration.


Here, I opted for some standing basic asanas. Standing poses are the foundations of good balance and stability. So when I do my practice, I always incorporate standing asanas and sometimes even begin with Tadasana. Then I will do the Sun Salutation A and B and it pretty much gets me going even though I only planned for a 30 – minute flow.


While shooting this, I fell a hundred times, I got disconnected with my breathing, I was totally dehydrated, the pavement was scorching hot and the sun was blazing in full heat. But on top of all these, my friend Myla didn’t give up on me, and she said patiently, “Take your time”. It helped me to return to my breathing, and reconnect. In real life we do experience this ‘disconnected feeling, a point of giving up because we are already at the edge of our edge, but a touch of a loved one in any way, changes everything.


Today, I will leave you with these thoughts- breathe, commitment, love, and mindfulness. Take a moment to reflect and act.


I find blogging as a great way to share my passion and connect with amazing individuals. Over the years, life has taken me to great adventures and turning points that made me love and embrace life dearly! I am fond of fashion trends, fitness, clean and healthy living, reading, writing, cooking, and crafting. I cherish relationships and meaningful connections and I am always excited to learn new things!

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