gotta love prints and stripes

Prints and stripes! In today’s hashtag ootd I pulled together two pieces that hold different attributes. I am wearing a long- sleeved blouse accented with a classic flat collar. But the most interesting feature of my top is the prints. Its all printed with lovers walking their pet dog.


This is why this blouse stood out  from all the rest in the clothes rack when I first saw it!  Then I matched it with  my classic style, striped box- pleated skirt. Both pieces have strong atributes but I think they complemented well. I like that both pieces are comfortable to wear as well. The blouse is of chiffon fabric and the skirt is polyester.


It is nice to have them in my closet because I can wear them with any other pieces and still they will look charming and classy.

For my jewellery pieces, I am wearing a pair of little gold earings. I chose this pieces to just give a minimal highlight on my upper head. I didn’t want pieces that will steal the beauty of the clothes. Then the overall look is accentuated with a red shoulder bag and a classic sabrina black and white heels.


For my make – up, JJ has done a great job by choosing eye – shades that will go perfectly with my prints and stripes!

When I want to highlight fashion pieces, I keep it simple and minimal. As what my grandmother used to say “Simplicity is beauty”.

I would also say that it is fun to match and wear different styles and pieces, as long you feel comfortable and pleased with your overall look at the right occasions.

Blouse: Promod

Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: Bread n’ Butter

Shoulder Bag: Francois Marot


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