love, peace and yoga

Love. Peace. Yoga! Such meaningful words to live by! Three big words that actually sum up about who I am.


These three big words are inspired by a special friend whom I have not met in real person but we connected for over a year now by following and supporting each other on Instagram. I would like to take this moment here in my post to thank her for being a wonderful inspiration to me. She has impacted my yoga practice with depths as challenges unfold before me. I have witnessed her journey as well as her ups and lows! I am a big admirer of individuals who are self- driven yet remain humble and grounded. That is how she is! Deep Thanks Ruth!

Love. Every morning is a fresh start. It is nice to wake -up with a positive heart and attitude toward the day’s undertakings, and holding love in our hearts make it a lot easier to resonate, understand and be at peace with ourselves and with others.


Peace. I cherish the simplicity of my life. As simple as sitting on the couch silently reading a book, sitting outside a café watching passersby and the bliss of savasana after a 90-minute Hatha. Living each day with pure intentions, loving my body, being genuinely happy and contented.


Yoga. My yoga practice isn’t just about being strong physically, it isn’t about reaching my toes, bending perfectly, being able to hold or balance on the intended asanas/poses. It is deeper than all of these. I found that, starting my yoga journey opens my doors to a more meaningful connection with my mind, body and self that lead to nurturing and acceptance.


I learnt that in order to accept others and the world, I must first accept ‘me’. Accept my flaws, my weaknesses, my imperfections, my mistakes… and the list goes on.


I laugh and cry, balance and fall, hurt and heal,  get things right or make mistakes… it is me, it is my practice, it is living my life in light, love, peace and yoga!

(My top and yoga gloves from Ruth, my friend and inspiration!)


Yoga Pants: lululemon


I find blogging as a great way to share my passion and connect with amazing individuals. Over the years, life has taken me to great adventures and turning points that made me love and embrace life dearly! I am fond of fashion trends, fitness, clean and healthy living, reading, writing, cooking, and crafting. I cherish relationships and meaningful connections and I am always excited to learn new things!

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