saying no to fast fashion

All the pieces in this outfit were bought seasons ago and most of them were on sale so that means they were already at least a season old even before I bought them. My personal style is not driven by trends. Yes, I sometimes buy some pieces that are considered trendy but only if they complement my style.


I don’t mind putting on clothes or accessories that are left behind by the fast paced fashion world. If I think I still look good and comfortable in them, I wear them until they don’t fit me anymore or until they get really worn.

It is my small way of saying no to fast fashion.


Yes, I still buy some of my clothes from fashion brands which were rebuked for having their products produced in factories with gruesome working conditions. This is because I believe that boycotting these brands and encouraging others to do the same will only hurt those who I really want to help.


Instead of boycotting, I will do my own little protest against fast fashion and I hope that more fashion bloggers will do the same. I hope that more fashion bloggers will encourage their readers to develop their own personal style, to create outfits from clothes they already have, to go for pieces that can be paired with different other pieces, to choose pieces for their quality rather than their “trendiness.”

I hope that more fashion bloggers will become aware of the difficult conditions of the workers who made their clothes. I hope that more fashion bloggers will spread awareness about the unethical ways of how the fashion business operates. I hope that more fashion bloggers will give pressure to unethical fashion brands by exposing and criticising the unjust ways of how they do their business.

I hope that more fashion bloggers will challenge fashion brands to focus on the quality of their products instead of focusing how many times they can change their line in a season and challenge them to care about the underpaid but overworked people at the bottom of their supply chain.


I hope that more fashion bloggers will care and use their voices to help alleviate the horrible conditions of the people who make their clothes.

Top : H&M
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Mango
Sandals: Corti


Having previously worked in a garment manufacturing sector, I am aware that the other end of the fashion industry is so different from the beauty and glamour that we envision when we hear the word "fashion." I hope that through this blog, I can also help bring awareness to the conditions of people working at the bottom of the garment manufacturing business. I hope that I can inspire fashion enthusiasts to help balance both ends of this industry.

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