quick makeup on pictorial day

When we started this blog, the girls and I agreed to do our own makeup. That is one way for us to keep things real. But I really like putting makeup not just on me but on other people too so I convinced Angel and Myla to let me do their makeup during our (outfit of the day) pictorials. They agreed to let me to do their makeup BUT just on the days when we do not have much time.


Since we shoot during the day, I always give them light and simple makeup. Something that they can also apply themselves (but maybe they need tripple the time). I can do one’s make up, specially a simple one, in 5-10 minutes. That comes with my training as a makeup artist but with Myla and Angel, I always have to remind them to quit laughing or talking and let me do my work quickly. Seriously, these girls are too chatty.


I take into consideration what they want and need. Myla, for example, does not like me to hide her freckles so I always go easy on the concealer and powder when I do her makeup. Angel has a sensitive skin so I make sure that I only use cosmetics on her that she had previously used without a problem.


For my makeup, I do it myself because none of the two girls can do it faster than me.

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My interests in makeup and nail art started long before I decided to make a career out of these interests. I love highlighting the best in people's faces and helping them look their best through makeup. I am happy that I am able to continuously nurture these passions and that I am able to share it with you through this blog.

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