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Dressing up is also an expression of our own creativity. I believe it is a form of creativity when we play with different pieces, design, color and style in terms of what to wear everyday. Some of us take hours and hours matching and pairing clothes and accessories that would really please our eyes in front of the mirror, before we could finally decide, “alright I am going with this today”! It is also fun!


In my experience, I plan ahead what I will wear. I already have it played in my head. Though sometimes (or at most times), when I try them on, I don’t look the way I envisioned it, so then I have to try, change, try and change again. But one rule of thumb for me to save time in cases like this is to wear the same pieces I have already worn before and was satisfied with it.

Today, I am showcasing an outfit that is my favorite. I have a very tiny body – built. There are times when it is a little bit difficult for me to find something that will at least create an illusion and not show how small I am. So here comes this dress.



When I found it, I immediately knew that it is perfect for me I had to take it without second thoughts. It’s A-line straight cut, haltered by a few inches in the shoulder crest with band collar and goes down until knee length. The haltered part of the shoulder exposed my arms making it appear longer and slimmer. And since its straight cut, it gives an illusion of a longer torso as well. As for my footwear, I am wearing a flat and glossy wingtip style shoes that is just so comfortable.

I paired it with a very stylish sunglasses that we found at Claire’s City Park Graz. I think this piece has perfectly accented my overall look.


I think when it comes to dressing up, it is best to listen to your heart, and sure indeed you will always look and feel good!

Dress: Promod
Sunglasses: Claire’s
Shoes: Limited Edition by Marks and Spencer
Jewellery Pieces: Elsa Lee Paris
Make –up: Today’s make is done by me.


I find blogging as a great way to share my passion and connect with amazing individuals. Over the years, life has taken me to great adventures and turning points that made me love and embrace life dearly! I am fond of fashion trends, fitness, clean and healthy living, reading, writing, cooking, and crafting. I cherish relationships and meaningful connections and I am always excited to learn new things!

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