wear your casual blue!

Here, I am wearing a vintage -inspired cut cobalt blue dress. The cut fits perfectly on my small physique and the brightness hue of cobalt blue matches with my wit. Right now I am in-love with this particular colour. When I look at a piece with a bright blue hue, I feel good. It kind of gives me this overall happy energy! I matched it with a glossy black and pointy sabrina heels, a black shoulder bag, a golden brown sunglasses and a black onyx charm bracelet. My look of the day is ideal for casual lunch out with friends in the city or  other casual daytime events.


I keep a very minimal fashion style as much as I can. More like with a classic, simple and neat touch. For jewellery pieces, I am happy wearing with only a  pair of rosy freshwater pearl. On some days, I go out without earings but just with a bracelet. I keep it less as much as I can. Being comfortable in what I wear is still the most important thing for me. And I am sure most of you can understand what comfort means in fashion. I have my own fair share of funny and unforgettable experiences in dressing up “uncomfortably” and it just didn’t work.


For my nails, I go best with plain colour or two- toned and I usually play with my favorite colours for my nails such as black, white, silver, gold, shades of blue, and red. These are the colours I like to wear for my nails. But then I also like having my nails without nail polish at all. My friend, JJ, did a really good job on my nail design as seen in the featured image of this post!


Blogging with my two beautiful friends has never been so good, fun, and exciting. Both of them have their own talents in photography, arts and style! And in addition to that, we get to share some pieces that we think will go perfectly with our current mood and outfit of the day.


Dress: French Connection
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: Escada
Bag: Mango (Courtesy of JJ)
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo ( Courtesy of JJ)


I find blogging as a great way to share my passion and connect with amazing individuals. Over the years, life has taken me to great adventures and turning points that made me love and embrace life dearly! I am fond of fashion trends, fitness, clean and healthy living, reading, writing, cooking, and crafting. I cherish relationships and meaningful connections and I am always excited to learn new things!

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