summer in gray and brown tones

I told myself that starting a fashion and lifestyle blog can wait until I shed some pounds and get closer to my pre-pregnancy weight but I got over that quickly after I had one bite of my husband’s grilled devil chicken.

Thing is, starting a fashion and lifestyle blog is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Back then, one main reason why I didn’t do it was because there’s nobody who will photograph me and photographing myself was not an option. Now I have two friends who I can do it with so that reason is no longer true. There’s still the issue of my weight but weight be damned! My weight will always change. There’s post pregnancy weight or post christmas season weight or post all-inclusive holiday weight so I told myself to just forget it and go ahead with the blog. It’s now or never and so I chose “now.”


Before anyone thinks that I am being offensive for complaining about my weight when there are plenty of women who are much heavier than me, let me clear things up. I don’t think I am fat and I love my body but like most women, I have an ideal weight and I really would love to get back to that. A weight struggle is a weight struggle not matter if it is just one kilogram or 100 kilograms. My desire to lose some weight is just as valid as anybody else’s.


Another reservation I had was this: who is going to be interested in another fashion blog when there are already bazillions of great fashion blogs out there? I quickly got over that though. My friends and I would be glad if we get an audience but that’s not what’s driving us to run this blog. Blogging is fun and for that reason alone, we are willing to do it.


Let me jump to our photos. We take turns in taking each other’s photo and unfortunately, none of us is a professional photographer but we will try our to best improve our photography skills for this blog. Most of our photos will be taken during noon time.  We know that that is not the best time to take photographs but for now, that’s the most feasible time of the day we can do our photoshoots so we will take it.


We do NOT edit out photos to hide our freckles, scars, birthmarks and any other skin discoloration. We do not edit them to make us look thinner or our skin smoother.  We may however, edit some photos to crop or brighten them a bit.my_ootd6

Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Wedges: Bought it about 9 years ago in some small shoe shop in China but I am sure you can find similar strappy wedges in just about any shoe shop this summer. The only reason why this wedges lasted that long is because I haven’t use it for ages.
Bag: Furla
Hat: An old gift from a family in the Philippines.
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Fashion jewelries: H&M and C&A


Having previously worked in a garment manufacturing sector, I am aware that the other end of the fashion industry is so different from the beauty and glamour that we envision when we hear the word "fashion." I hope that through this blog, I can also help bring awareness to the conditions of people working at the bottom of the garment manufacturing business. I hope that I can inspire fashion enthusiasts to help balance both ends of this industry.

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